Wednesday, 20 March 2013

pietà - kim ki duk

I accidentally cancelled post about kim ki duk's film "pietà".
(Wednesday, February 23, 2013)
here it comes again:

I couldn't sleep last night 'cause I have got...

...another "strong kick in the head".
very very "asian style", slow and symbolic scenes, poverty under the cloudy sky, scenes of violence in tight, sultry rooms, a rabbit and an eel, chicken's insides and a knife. 
him and her, mother and son and their complicated relationship.
this is how the world looks like in kim ki duk's "pietà", although more then the above image you will see something like this:

which is quite the same, but "quite" makes the difference.

I am deeply moved and impressed.
and... rather (well, to be honest: completely) uncritical about asian cinema, I go and see whatever I can see, and I enjoy it. always.

the only thing disturbing me a lot was the Lee Jung-jin's face - too much botox or something? Jo Min-su was simply beautiful.

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