Wednesday, 23 March 2011

the best poem ever

this poem is the best one i've ever read.
i know it by heart. every time i'm stressed or blue it helps me to grab my thoughts together and start again with no fear. it should be a prayer. it is a kind of prayer. it comes from poetry exhibition "bunker poetico" from venice biennal 2001. i love the multi-language melody of the words. this is my way of talking sometimes, my natural environment. i hope you'll like it too.

Querido mio
je suis très loin
dans la noche eclarada dal neon
there is nothing to do
aqui nella ville
in front of alla this blue
meine schöne kinder
remember "arbeit macht frei"

Baby you are my Babel
habla tu lengua if you want
yo nao la entendo
I don't understand
mirarte I can't
votres ourir mon ami mon ennemi
c'est seulement un bruit

(andrea balzola)

anybody willing to go to venice biennal 2011?

Monday, 21 March 2011

the strong kids

 "look we're strong, mom! yeah..." I'm still working on those three little pictures. :) soon I'll show them better.