Monday, 25 March 2013

kiss the princess / villa paolina / earth hour 2013

we celebrated the wwf's "earth hour" in the darkness... in the forest, by the pond with frogs, toads and tritons. it was beautiful and exciting, especially for filip. he has kissed like three or four toads calling them beautiful sweethearts. fortunately none of them has turned to be a princess. ;)

I learned a lot about the amphibians thanks to a lecture of a herpetologist. and I was quite sad and surprised to get to know that maybe we are one of the last people on this earth to coexist with amphibians, as the populations and species decrease so fast. the number of amphibians decreased of 70% in last 35 years, and we've lost 120 species since 1980, about a third of the species risks the extinction.
goodbye bufo viridis, hyle intermedia, lissotrion vulgaris and mesotriton alpestris.
and thank you humankind :(

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