Monday, 3 December 2012

let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen

i dreamed of you putting up a tent, a single tent. the wind was chilly and it was beginning to darken. you had also a rucksack, sleeping mat and kitchen grille. you wondered aloud how to solve the problem of the grille, if insert it under the tent, under the sleeping mat or under the sleeping bag? i was unspeakably happy, knowing that it would not be me to sleep on the kitchen grille. i did not care at all what you'd decide. it was a wonderful feeling and so i tried my best to help you in all possible ways and with all my forces.


  1. aaaale czy był happy end?:)


  2. to był the end ;) nie wiem jak się skończyło, bo się obudziłam! :)))

  3. kochana! czytam i nie pisze, mimo ze doskonale znam twojego small requesta ; )
    mysle i tobie czesto
    caluje mocno z zasniezonego wroclawia m