Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the first anniversary

i would never thought that i manage to write a blog for such a long time . how was it to pass this year in my company? when i started it it was like third of fourth time i was trying to begin a blog, but guess what, it was too easy to give up writing, too easy to forget the password or simply find some excuse. still i am surprised i did it for one year already, it must be the merit of the time that passes every year faster and faster...

the biggest thank you goes to the Polish readers (serdeczne pozdrowienia dla polskich czytelników, chyba powinnam zacząć pisać wyłącznie po polsku!) that are the significant majority of all. suprisingly who finds my blog in the net is mostly searching for the information about valerian leaves or old books. i am really sorry i cannot satisfy your curiosity about it, i am neither a herbalist nor antique dealer. maybe i should think about it, i promise i will.

and a small request - when you pass through my blog please leave a comment, the comments help to keep it alive. thank you in advance.
big kiss to all the people reading this
xxx ag


  1. kochana! ja nie czytam czesto, przyznaje szczerze..ale pisz pisz, bo czyta sie przyjemnie!

    no i mam podglad co robisz, a to bezcenne

  2. dzieki misza kochana! hm, a ja tez nieczesto pisze :))) i bardzo, ale to bardzo ciesze sie ze mnie czytasz (i komentujesz!) :) sciskam mocno ag

  3. najtrudniejszy, pierwszy rok, a potem to juz jakos tak z gorki...To tak a propos wszystkiego... Pozdrawiam i gratuluje;P

  4. dzieki anitko, to pocieszajace :))) pozdrowienia!