Monday, 11 June 2012

umberto eco - memoria e dimenticanza / pamięć i zapominanie / memory and fogetting

it was a nice chilly evening yesterday, when we (thanks basia :))) went to see and HEAR umberto eco's lecture about memory and forgetting. it was really useless to introduce the man, because everyone knows him more than well in these parts. the assessor that spoke before eco stepped out of the stage not to make a fool of himself, as he said. so the lecture began. the master was in great form as usual, brilliant and hilarious. i'd expected much more enthusiasm from the audience as for me it was like meeting a superhero for a child, but some italians are much cooler than it is widely considered and they kept their distance laughing rarely and not too loud. eco cracked jokes and anecdotes, embellished his speech with quotes from nietzsche and aristotle and we were sailing in this sea of words like real sea dogs guided by his strong tongue. :))) he was speaking / reading (that i wouldn't expected!) on and on simply but florid about the value of the memory and that sometimes it is better to forget some facts. about the flood of the information in internet and the culture as the key and filter for it. apparently nothing insightful, but when he gathered those thoughts together i immediately felt to be a little bit wiser.


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