Tuesday, 17 April 2012

genova mon amour

there is nothing like genova. ...although some say it's quite like barcelona (I cannot compare, 'cause I haven't seen bcn).) my "first time" in genova was a strong experience - lost in the heavy rain, bloodstains and syringes on the pavement, people yelling and trying to grab my arm, panic. and meanwhile, only two cross-streets away, elegant ladies were walking their tiny dogs under medieval porches and buying useless stuff in the most expensive shops. you can come by a spontaneous street-disco-antifascist manifestation in front of the cathedral, where an aristocratic wedding takes place. once you get used to those extreme differences coexisting in the perfect harmony you'll admit that it is one of the most incredible places ever. genova je t'adore!


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  1. ciao Agata, io sono Maria Angela, una delle "congiurate" di Memoràmia... benvenuta a bordo: speriamo di incontrarci presto di persona :-)
    trovi me e la mia numerosa prole a questo indirizzo:
    ciao ciao