Friday, 9 September 2011

Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław \ Wrocław Contemporary Museum

i confess i have 'domesticated' one of the biggest nightmares of my childhood - the german air-raid shelter on legnicka street in wrocław. I had been always afraid of this building - the result of sofisticated anti-german education of the polish communist party and the propaganda TV series about the second world war "the four men of the tank-crew and a dog". it seemed abandoned and every time we passed there (and we passed every time we had to get to the center from popowice district) i was waiting to hear shooting from the little holes in its round walls. once it looked like that:

 now it is a bit different:

i really do not know how they did it, but they did - they managed to finish almost all the works inside. i payed a little visit to the bunker with viola on wednesday before opening and the very first person we met was a man opening the door with a bloody "f**k" on his mouth, high culture - viola said. i guess nobody slept the last nights, because when i went to the 'gifts exhange' exhibition on saturday it looked like that:

and this is the beautiful café designed for the museum by sabina lang and daniel baumann. i've heard that some persons have tried to walk there counting the times they tripped on the steps and there was no way not to stumble while walking. i imagine the future guests of the café trying to get to their "tables" with some cups of coffee... weird sense of humor of the designers...

and a few shots from the 'gfits exhange', thank you everybody! for your cheerful company, lot of talking and some laugh. warm greetings to the old friends that i found again, and to those that i've never lost.

hereby i consider the wrocław contemporary museum to be opened!


  1. Jak to się stało,że się nie spotkałyśmy!?

  2. no nie wiem asiu, czasem mam watpliwosci, czy nie zyje w jakiejs innej czasoprzestrzeni... chyba po prostu sie nie umowilysmy :((( straszna szkoda!

  3. Czesc kochana!

    swietne foty wyszly!
    tak, tak..bylo fajnie!
    a wiesz, nastepnego dnia bylam w schronie z b
    byl zachwycony - i miejscem i wystawami!
    balonem tez, ktory btw. musialam przewiezc do domu na rowerze!
    pozr misza

  4. balonik git :)))
    ale spotkanie naj naj!
    buziaki miszka, tesknie bardzo xxx