Monday, 28 February 2011

the railway and valerian leaves

Saturday afternoon, while my son with his grandma were collecting valerian leaves in the forest, my daughter and me went to a birthday party of her classmate… and we lost our way.
Yes, I drew a map based on the google maps, but the streets’ names were totally different…
Yes, I asked some people for the way, but they weren’t able to help us.
And my daughter had no trust in me:
-  Mom, you’ve lost us… I’m scared.
-  Mom, you don’t know where we are, do you? And you don’t know where we go either…
-  Do you know how to get back home? Please, can we come back home now? I don’t like the birthday parties so much, you know…
And then we met this guy standing next to his car, and he said:
-  Via Scotti? I live here for 10 years, but I haven’t ever heard this name before. There is no such street in this area!
I saw the great fear in the eyes of my daughter so I was trying to comfort her:
-  Don’t worry, this is a small city, we cannot be lost for a long time…
-  I may not know how to get to this party, but I know how to come back home.
But she didn’t believe me at all.
In the end somebody helped us:
- You’ll go this way, straight ahead, you cross the railway, then turn left, then the first on the right and you’ll be on via Scotti.
Great! We did it. We reached the railway and then we crossed it.
In unauthorized place.
Through a hole in the fence…
So we had to walk along the railway like about 20 meters having the fence on our left and on our right hand, and the railway beneath our feet. And here my little girl had something like a hysteria attack:
- Mom, what are you doing? Are you trying to kill us? The train can pass any time and we can get killed in an instant! Hurry up please!
Little catastrophist. I tried to calm her down.
- We’ll not get killed, this is not Wroclaw, the train doesn’t pass every minute here. Besides in Italy the trains are always late, you know…
This convinced her:
- Really? Yeah, you’re right, this train that would have killed us is late as always, so we’ll manage to pass and we’ll be safe!
The party was great, and we had some really good time. Lately, at home she told me:
- Next time I’ll ask somebody else to drive me to a birthday party, because while walking with you, mom, one can get killed doing something illegal.
I got myself a huge valerian leaves salad for dinner that evening. Always works ;)


  1. oj matka, matka!
    wykończysz nawet sześciolatka:D

    pozdro od cioci

  2. dziekujemy za pozdro, przesylamy nasze :) szesciolatka faktycznie byla po tym wyjsciu wykonczona... biedula.